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Ασύρματο μικρομοτέρ Woodpecker

Ασύρματο μικρομοτέρ Woodpecker
Τιμή : 490,00
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Advantages: Reduction ratio 15.5: 1 Endows strong power and efficient cutting Durable planet gear gearbox prolongs service life of device Wireless Battery Charging Contactless charging without contact point outside well avoids poor contact Build-in battery,charging by putting handpiece into charging base Automatic torque calibrating Torque Calibrating mode to automatically calibrate torque reducing the torque fluctuation caused by contra-angle replacement or sterilization under high temperature and high pressure Storage of 9 user-defined modes allows invocation at any time.Under each mode,continuous motion,reciprocating motion, and reverse motion are for options Torque and speed is adjustable Nimble Contra-angle Contra-angle can be autoclaved to avoid cross-infection Adjustable angle make it available for different teeth positions Small and exquisite head provides unobstructured views Technical data: Input power: 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz, 0.4A Output power: DC5V / 1A Rotation speed: 100 – 1000 rpm Battery: lithium

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